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I first became interested in nutrition while suffering from digestive problems and chronic fatigue. After following the advice of a Nutritional Therapist, I made a full recovery and now enjoy robust health and energy levels. I was so impressed that I decided to retrain to become a Nutritional Therapist.

In my practice, I see clients from all age groups who all have different health conditions. I am convinced that good nutrition is the backbone of health, and that the benefits of other therapies and treatments can be enhanced by eating the right diet. So I am particularly interested in Integrated Medicine. I currently work in a medical practice alongside GPs and other health practitioners who refer their patients to me for nutritional advice. Since graduating I have completed further training in the relationship between nutrition and cardiovascular health as well as weight management.

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I recognize the importance of food as a source of pleasure and its valuable role within family and social contexts. Having travelled widely, I love trying foods and recipes from other countries and cultures, as well as traditional British food. As a working mother, I am familiar with the pressures of modern life. My aim is to provide realistic, practical, dietary advice to suit individual lifestyles and budget.

I am also a qualified experienced teacher. Prior to training as a nutritional therapist, I worked as a teacher, lecturer and student counselor in the UK and overseas.

My experience includes teaching nutrition and training nutritional therapists at university level. I love conducting research and writing about nutrition and have created a number of distance learning study modules for undergraduate courses in Nutritional Therapy.
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