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I recognize that each person is an individual with unique requirements and so I take time to design a personalized nutrition plan rather than using than a ‘one size fits all’ approach. Your plan may include recommendations about supplements & non invasive clinical tests. You will be offered in depth body composition analysis to ascertain your progress at each consultation. read more

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Weight Management
Whether you are overweight or underweight, my intention
is to help you achieve your weight goals safely and effectively. Rather than pursuing strict diet-plans I prefer to recommend sound nutritional strategies for long-term solutions which match your lifestyle. I am not just interested in how much you weigh, but also in helping you to achieve better body composition i.e. optimum bone density & muscle mass, appropriate fat percentage and good hydration levels to support optimum health. As physical and behavioural changes take time I offer a package of 6 consultations for continued support.
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Sports Nutrition
My aim is to help you reach your peak performance at the same time as supporting your overall health by recommending dietary changes that fit into your training & daily life schedule. Recommendations about supplements, tests and weight management included, if required
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As a trained experienced teacher the workshops I deliver are fun, interactive and memorable; great for staff training days in schools, colleges and companies. Food tasting is an integral part of each workshop and every participant leaves the workshop having set their own individual goals. Feedback at College of North West London with over 100 staff was 98% "excellent/very good".

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