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“After struggling to manage my IBS for a few years and receiving very little effective help or advice from my GP, I decided to be proactive and book a consultation with Jo and I could not be more glad that I did!

In the first consultation Jo gave me her full attention for a good couple of hours and had clearly read over the food diary and information forms that I had filled out prior to the meeting. Jo put me fully at ease discussing my symptoms and for the first time I felt that I was really being listened to. I thought that I ate well beforehand and had a pretty healthy lifestyle, however it became clear that I was eating all the wrong things for my body/symptoms. I came away with a completely personalised and achievable diet plan which I would not have been able to create with any amount of internet research. Jo also sent through a variety of recipes, resources and links to discounted supplements, which were all very useful.

Upon beginning my diet plan the change was almost immediate and my symptoms eased hugely, which was a great encouragement to stick to it. There were days when I broke from the plan and my symptoms came back straight away, however it was good to know that I was obviously cutting out the right things and reassuring that I knew exactly how to get back on track.

After 5 weeks I went back to Jo for a second consultation (included as part of a package) and she was just as attentive and detailed in going over my experience. I came away with more good advice on how to continue with and adapt my diet going forwards.

Jo has been the first professional to truly help me with managing my IBS and the fact that the relief was so instant and achievable has been fantastic. I would fully recommend her to anyone struggling with nutritional issues. Thanks again Jo!”

JH (Chiswick)

"Since my first consultation one month ago my energy levels have soared and I feel like a totally
new person! Thank you Joanna!!"