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" I feel like a new woman since I lost over 20 kg (16kg of which was body fat) over the past 13 months.

One thing that really helped me to stay on target were regular consultations with Jo. My job involves lots of travel, hotel stays and business lunches/dinners. I am often on the road for long hours and have to make do with whatever I can grab from service stations or garages. With Jo’s expert guidance, I am able to plan ahead and make the right food choices wherever I am in the world. At each session we discuss strategies and practical solutions to help me overcome any likely barriers in the near future."

Jo also showed me how to lose body fat, but still eat my favourite foods and enjoy food treats each week. Sometimes this feels too good to be true, and I can’t quite believe it until I step on the scales."

Another really strong motivating factor are the special scales that Jo uses. At each consultation I get a full body composition analysis which includes my metabolic age. There is nothing like seeing your age come down as well as your weight! Mine has now reduced from 58 to 33. The scales also measure fat percentage, muscle mass and hydration levels. This really helped to motivate me with my exercise regime, as my muscle mass increased when I started exercising regularly.”

MW (Hammersmith)

"Since my first consultation one month ago my energy levels have soared and I feel like a totally
new person! Thank you Joanna!!"