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weight management

Whether you are overweight or underweight, my intention is to help you achieve your weight goals safely and effectively. I am not just interested in how much you weigh, but also in helping you to achieve better body composition i.e. optimum bone density & muscle mass, appropriate fat percentage and good hydration levels to support optimum health.

"It’s quite scary looking for a nutritional therapist you can trust on the web, but I found Joanna’s non judgmental attitude and kind, friendly manner very calming. Being able to contact Joanna regularly has really helped me change my eating habits for the better."

In my experience following strict dietary regimes may result in short-term success, but can be inconvenient and frustrating, often resulting in long term failure. Instead my aim is to support you with making realistic sustainable changes to your eating, exercise & lifestyle habits to encourage permanent results. I focus on providing you with sound nutritional information to help you make healthy adjustments to your eating habits. By taking into account your individual circumstances, I aim to help you learn simple strategies and tools that you can use in a variety of situations e.g. hectic work/family routines, lazy weekends, socializing, holidays & business trips.

As changing eating habits can take time and it is generally safer to adjust weight slowly, I offer a weight management package of 6 consultations to provide more effective support.

As part of each consultation you will be offered in depth body composition analysis using Tanita body composition analysis scales to track your progress regarding fat percentage, bone & muscle mass and hydration levels.
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